Youth Revitalization Project

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Youth Revitalization Project

The Idea


In this time of economic hardship, everyday citizens need to become actively engaged in improving their communities. To revitalize a community we must instill compassion and leadership skills in our youth. This will allow them to become the next generation of empowered citizens.

The Specifics

The youth of Port Angeles, WA have amazing potential to become empowered and engaged citizens in their community. They understand what it is like to live through hardship, and many of them are looking for a positive path to improve their city. With $1,000 we would like to give sixteen 6th graders a chance to start down that positive path.

We would like to use the money to create a weekend retreat where the students from two different schools would have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn what it means to be a citizen. Through this retreat, we hope that these sixteen children will be ambassadors of positive change as they begin middle school next year both to their peers and within their community.

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"We" make community. Not "they" or "them." What a wonderful idea to help our young people to know that they are "we."
Thanks, AmeriCorps!

almost 4 years ago | Reply

Leadership, education and innovation is especially important in a small, fairly isolated town like Port Angeles. This is a great idea for our youth, and to buoy our community!

by jume
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Hooray!!! I'm so excited by this idea. THANK YOU for working hard for the youth of our community!

by rhubarbsky
almost 4 years ago | Reply

Thank you to everyone who has voted for this project; the response we have received from our community, friends, and family has been incredible! Lets keep up the effort over the next 7 days and make this dream a reality for these children!

by skeleh2
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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Youth Revitalization Project
Youth Revitalization Project

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Tuesday, March 27

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